Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have spent a lot of time looking at pictures of the twins since their birth and find it hard to believe how much they have changed and grown. Both babies have doubled their weight in the eleven short weeks they have blessed our family. It seems impossible that they have only been here eleven weeks because it seems they have always been a part of us. They smile often and love to be talked to. The most precious moment of the day for me is when the twins awaken and I greet them with a "Good Morning!" and they each greet me with a huge smile as they wave their arms and wiggle their body! They also love to play "Patty-Cake." They can't clap on their own of course but when I hold their hands and recite the rhyme the give up a continuous smile. They love when we read them nursery rhymes. I am sure its the sound of our voices
I have noticed that the babies have united our family. Most of you know that we are a family of yours, mine and the twins make ours. We weren't certain how a baby or two would affect our family but they really have been a blessing. All of the girls really enjoy interacting with the twins and they help out so much; from changing diapers to talking to them or helping feed them. it really has been nice to share this experience with this family.
I feel like I have been given a second chance to correct the mistakes I made the first time around as a parent. I hope I take the moments to appreciate the small milestones in their lives and not take one second for granted.....

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  1. Girl, you can't correct the past, you can only learn from it. Beside, I don't think our kids turned out all that shabby. LOL You will make mistakes this go around too, but that is why were are called human. You're a great mom, that loves her children, and puts them before herself. There you go...... you are one up on about half of society. Love your post!