Monday, February 6, 2012

My parental bucket list!

Bucket list of things I want to do with my twins:
As I read over my last blog I realize how it sounds like I regretted the way I raised my other children. I don't think it is so much that I regretted how I raised them as the things I didn't do with them. Some of the things I think about doing with the twins I did with my older children and I want to make certain I do those things with the twins. So I thought I should write these things down. When I make a list I feel like it is real and I tend to stick to it more than if those thoughts are randomly floating around in my head. So here goes; my bucket list of things I want to do with my twins:
1. Read to them every day.
2. Always be the first to let go in a hug.
3. Tell them they are loved and special every day.
4. Play with them every day.
5. Instill in them a love for God through my words and actions every day.
6. PRAY!!! Pray for other people, thank for one new thing each day, and rely upon God for everything.
7. Cook with my kids.
8. Expose them to culture; the theatre and numerous types of music from Christian to jazz to classical.
9. Visit Yellow Stone National Park and Glacier National Park in an RV
10. Take them to see the ocean.
11. Go on a cruise with the twins.
12. Go fishing
13. Play ball in the front yard.
14. Go hiking.
15. Learn to play an musical intsrament.
17.Go on a picnic.
18. Play at the park.
19. Fly kites!
20. Build a city out of cereal boxes covered with paper.
21. Make tents out of sheets and chairs and leave them up for days!
22. Make crafts together.
23. Ride bikes.
24. slide down the stairs on pillows.
25. Make our own Christmas ornaments.
26. Make Christmas presents to give to others.
27. Remember its not about the kind of clothes we wear or the kind of toys we own but about spending time together.
28. Finger paint.
29. Plant a garden.
30.Sing as loud as we can driving in the car!

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  1. This list makes me smile Teresa! I didn't know you blogged.. can't wait for more!!