I have been married to my best friend since June 28, 2003.  We share our adventurous and busy life with ten children in a small town in Southwest Missouri.
I first meet my husband when we were in grade school. We rode the same bus home from school every day.  I had the biggest crush on him when I was in sixth grade, but he was only a fourth grader!   He was a freshman when I was a senior in our small high school of 150 students and we really didn't notice each other at that time. Our lives took different directions.  I was married right out of high school and attended college. Four years later he left to pursue his own college degree.  Then nineteen years after I graduated high school our paths crossed again. I believe this was divine intervention!  We each had been divorced.  We began talking ALOT and began dating. Seven weeks after our first date, Larry proposed to me.  We were married eight weeks later.  He is the love of my life and my best friend. 
     Our family is made up of yours, mine, and ours.  Larry and I have twins, Roman Lee and Renley Kay, that were born November 6, 2011 they have  made our family complete!  They have blessed us each and every moment since we first saw their tiny little heart beats on the ultrasound screen.
I have four children: Wade, Jessica, Ashton, and Abby and Larry has four children; Hannah, Madison, Emma, and Moriah. I can honestly say these group of amazing kids make me so proud and fill my life with love.  Being a mom is the best!!
     When the twins were born I decided to be a stay at home mom and after seventeen years of teaching elementary school I left my classroom for one last time.  
     We spend a lot of time at sporting events where our children are participating in.  We love to read, travel and spend time with our families. 
     I love to cook and I have a pinterest addiction.  I love fashion and dressing up.
     I am a Christian who wants Christ's love to shine through me.  Without Christ my life would be a mess.  He has carried me through so many trials only to find life is even sweeter on the other side. 
    I hope this gives you just a little insight to who I am and why I choose to share life with you!

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