Monday, February 2, 2015

Three Already!!

After a very long hiatus from this blog I am BACK. Back because I realize how much I need this blog to help me remember and cherish every moment with these two little ones!! They turned three this past November. I honestly have to say that the threes have been, up to this point, harder in some ways than the twos. Why?
Have you ever tried reasoning with a three year old? Now envision reasoning with two three year olds. It makes for some very interesting conversations.
I believe the day toddlers turn three the drama triples!! Have you witnessed the explosion that happens if you take a bite of a three year olds sandwich or attempt to dress them in something they do not want to wear? For example, trying to convince a three year old that ballet slippers are not appropriate shoes to wear to the grocery store when there is snow on the ground!
And the phrases that come out of their mouths! The other day I was trying to get Renley to permit me to French braid her hair. She looks at me and exclaims through screams and tears, "Well, this is REDICULES!"
Where does she get this stuff? I must have missed those episodes of Bubble Guppies or Little Bear.
It’s phrases like these that leave parents scratching our heads and wondering what is going on in their little minds, then the next moment, tiptoeing around them and dodging their fits.
Three year old twins are even more interesting. They are quick to make sure I know when the other twins is doing something that is a "no-no." Of course, they fail to tell you that they were the instigator or possibly they also did the same thing not two minutes ealier. To top it off... if you don't stop what you are doing and take care of the situation immediately you will hear the same "tattle" repeated with ever increasing whininess!
My three year old daughter is happy to croon the lyrics to “Let It Go” right along with me. However, her brother pipes up from the back seat yelling, “Mommy, DON’T SING!” And if you thought hearing that song the first 2,560,000 times was annoying, wait until you have to sit through it in silence.
My three year olds will also eat ten million go-gurts that I have frozen, so being the wise and good Mommy that I am I purchased five boxes just to be certain I wouldn't run out of their favorite food, only for them to declare they don't want them anymore.
Have you ever tried taking two three year olds out in public? They definitely know how to divide and conquer or at the very least to distract and destroy. I often get to the checkout at the grocery store with items I am sure were placed in the cart by conspiring twins! I can just envision the scene. You distract mom while I throw the full of sugar and preservatives treat in the cart. She will never know!
Having said all this, I have to admit there are some pretty enduring parts to having two three year olds in the house. They are best of friends and will watch out for each other. They cheer each other on with phrases such as: "YAY!! Roman went peepee in the potty Mommy!" or "Mommy, Renley looks like a princess!" They play together and I love listening to them pretend to be Andy from Toy Story or Elsa! There is never a dull moment in our house! And just as every other stage this too shall pass and I will long for the days when they were three!


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