Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine Fun

Last week we centered all our activities around Valentine's Day.

I ordered a couple of books about Valentine's Day but only one arrived so story time for the week consisted of "Llama Llama I Love You" and several random books. I try to read at least ten books a day to the kids. We break this up into reading two or three books three or four times a day. One of those time is always before bed and nap. Other than that I try to read during our structured activity time. They will usually bring me books to read randomly which makes it easy to get ten books.

Monday, we made hear necklaces by stringing cut out heat shape and one and a half inch drinking straw pieces onto yarn creating a pattern. This activity was really good for their fine motor skills. Renley loved it. Roman tolerated it but did complete the task.

Tuesday we painted heart pictures using a toilet paper tube that we shaped to look somewhat like a heart. We also made Valentines cards for all their siblings by tracing their hand and utilizing dot paint and stickers. I used one traced handprint from each twin and cut it out, glued it onto a card created by folding a piece of construction paper in half and wrote on the card, "Hands Down Your One of The Best Sisters Around!" We used the dot paint and stickers to decorate.

Wednesday, since we had gymnastics during the day, our constructive play was after nap so I decided to do a game. I cut out five inch hearts from different colors of construction paper and taped them throughout the house. We played a version of musical chairs. Basically, I played the frozen soundtrack and would stop the music and call out a color. The twins then had to find a heart of that color. They really loved this game. When we were done I collected the hears and placed them on our patio door. They love to walk up to the hearts and say the colors. They really enjoyed this activity.

Thursday, we used conversation heart candies to sort and graph. I printed off worksheets I found on Pinterest and gave the twins each a handful of conversation hearts. They sorted the hearts by color and then we counted how many hearts they had of each color and placed them on a graph worksheet.

Friday I worked in Springfield so we only read books. Saturday the house was full with my children and I loved watching the twins interact with their older siblings. We made heart shaped pizzas and enjoyed playing.

The twins are really starting play together well. They love to play make believe. Their favorite games to play include princesses and pirates. Listening to them throughout the day makes me so happy. They are best of friends.

This week we will be reading "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats and dong activities that center around the snow theme! I love snow!

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