Monday, April 7, 2014

Outfit From Clothes I Already Own!

"Outfit From Clothes I Already Own!"
I know my blog has been about Roman and Renley and our adventures as the title indicates.  But I have decided to add a little more to my blog.  Beginning with some fashion fun. 
 So yes, Outfit From Clothes I Already Own, is the title on one of my pinterest boards.  I actually have 96 pins to this board!! That is a lot of outfits from clothing I  have hanging in my closet!  I get in a rut of styling my items with the same things over and over again and this blog is going to help me get my style back!
On the rare occasion when I decide to put on something besides my yoga pants and tshirt and consult my "pins"  I ALWAYS get compliments on what I am wearing.   It is hard to find outfits that make me feel like I look good without looking like I have tried way to hard or like I am trying on my daughters clothes!  So, using pinterest and consulting my daughters, I will look and feel good and have some fun while I am at it!
So my commitment this year is to "Shop" more from my own closet than from any other source and to get rid of items that I really no longer find useful to me.
 I started two weeks ago by purging my closet of jeans that I no longer wear.  I literally removed two large black trash bags of denim pants.  Who in the world needs that many pairs of denim jeans???? I feel relieved! And now my quest continues!
 I am committing  to:
 A.  purging ten items for the next seven days from my closet
 B.  wear a different outfit everyday for the next two months using only items in my closet.
I will be posting what I wore each Friday for the previous week to keep me motivated. 

Whew!! So I invite all of you to join me.  Let's see what we can create from what we already own!



  1. omg we are so in the same boat! I've purged so much and realized I had so much usable stuff that I wasn't using!!
    Love the post!

  2. It is crazy! Today I actually purged 20 pairs of shoes I have been hanging onto. It feels so good!