Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two babies go through so many clothes in one day! I do a large load of baby laundry every morning. So it has been necessary to have more things than I thought they would need. Thankfully we had a lot of things given to us. I thought we had too many things but I have been glad for those items. The babies are ten weeks old today and we already have a tote full of clothing they have outgrown. I haven't had to purchase much. I do a lot of sale shopping, second had clothing shopping and I love online ebay shopping for the babies. I have purchased some really cute name brand clothing at bargain prices on ebay. The outfit in the picture on today's blog is one I purchased on ebay. I love the challenge of finding things at a really great price and it makes me feel good to be able to find cute and stylish things at a bargain.
I am excited that the babies are only getting up one time a night at this age. I am sure my older children didn't sleep this well when they were ten weeks old. Their day time schedule is pretty sweet, as well. They usually wake up for the day between six and eight and are up for two hours then down for an hour or two and up again for an hour and then they take a long afternoon nap of two hours. They wake again for two hours and sometimes go back to sleep but often they are awake until its time for baths at seven then around eight thirty we try to start reading a book to them and feeding them so that they will be asleep for the night by nine at the latest. I feel pretty lucky to have babies that sleep so well. I am sure this will change many times in the future but for now I am just thankful!

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