Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan. 17,2012

Today has been a rough day! With Jessi back in school the twins and I are working on a schedule that works for us. Well, I should say I am working on a schedule and the twins are working on not following the schedule! Needless to say my morning coffee was a necessity which lasted throughout the day....four cups of coffee by noon might be a little much!
We had a good early morning which consisted of a series of what I call play centers so that it gives me time with each of the twins individually. I modeled this after my reading centers in my class. It worked really well. I had four centers: activity mat, the swing, bouncy seat, and reading with Mommy. I had them spend ten minutes at each center. This worked well and I plan to repeat these activities tomorrow.
After several futile attempts to put Roman and Renley down for a nap at the same time I decided to throw the twins in the car and drive to Lamar. The twins fall right to sleep when they are in the car and the didn't disappoint me this time. Thinking a diet Coke from McDonald's sound like a nice treat I decide to go through the dirve-thru. Since we aren't moving as I order, the twins wake up and make their presence known. Thinking a trip to Wal-Mart might be in order I unload the babies and thankfully they quieted down while we shopped. I love walking through Wal-Mart talking to the twins and telling them about all the things I see or buy. I know they can't understand me but they give me a lot of smiles. They fell asleep on the way home and I mistakenly thought they would stay asleep for their final nap of the day. They woke up the minute I brought them in the house. At 6:45 I decided to give them a bath thinking they looked so tired and early bedtime might be in order. They love their bath and give me lots of smiles as they kick and coo. When they are done with bath time I love the smell of them.....I forgot how good little clean babies feel in your arm.
I decided I would try to put them in their bed to fall asleep but this mommy didn't make it very long. After making sure they were dry and fed I put on their sleep sacks and placed them in their bed and turned on the musical lighted mobile. The liked that for about five minutes and then began to cry intently. I really wanted to leave them in hopes they would fall asleep but two minutes seemed like an hour and Ashton told me it was so sad so of course I had to cuddle with them! Going to sleep on their own can wait till they are older.
They finally gave it up at 8:00 and fell asleep. What precious little babies they are....especially when they are sleeping!

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