Friday, January 20, 2012

tots n teens

It hard to believe today is my daughters fifteenth birthday. I think about how it seems like only yesterday she was the size of Renley and it reminds me of how quickly they grow up. Needless to say this morning I have spent extra time holding the precious babies in hopes of making it last a little longer.
I enjoy the teen years, most of the time. Last night was a particularly memorable moment....Abby and I spent a lot of time just chatting. The hard part about having teens and babies is making time for any mom of teens know they only talk when they are in the mood which is usually when you are busy doing something else or very very late at night..which was the case last night. I think our chat began at eleven thirty and ended somewhere around one, just in time for Roman to wake up for his middle of the night feeding. When we began talking I thought of how I would need to get up in an hour or so and my first intuition was to tell her I needed to get some sleep but I didn't and I am so thankful I stayed up and spent that time with her...this morning I am tired but it was worth it.
Then there is the fun of taking the babies to ballgames to "cheer" on their older sisters. As you can see, Roman and Renley are sporting onsies with the last name of their sisters and their basketball jersey number. In my opinion they were too cute!! I look forward to seeing how they interact with there siblings!
Today, for the first time since the twins were born, I actually sat down and ate a lunch that didn't consist of a handle full of cereal or chips. We are actually getting some kind of routine going.
I do love being a mom!!!!!!

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