Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Activities to do with a two month old.

It is so important to me to spend time interacting with my twins daily. They are only two months old and it is hard to know what to do with them because they do not respond to a lot of stimulus. Some of the things we do on a daily basis include:
* I talk and sing to them often. Just chat about what I am doing throughout your day.
* I play a variety of music for my babies to listen to. It's like food for the brain!Renley loves this
and will stop and listen intently.
* They are gaining more control over her hands so I lay down under a baby play gym
and hang some fun objects for them to try and touch and swipe at.
* I place them on their tummy for short periods so they can continue to strengthen their
necks. We refer to this as tummy time~!
* When the weather has been nice we go outside in the stroller. (Twice so far this winter-lol).
* We read books every day. Our favorite is "I Will Love You Forever." They are never to young for books!
*We "talk" to each other often and I make sure to smile at them and maintain eye contact,
which is a challenge when you have both babies in front of you. I just try to take turns.
* We cuddle a lot. I look at raising my babies as my job and that means spending lots of
quality time with them. The housework waits until after bedtime!

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