Monday, June 25, 2012


Awww....I love days like today when it no matter what happens all seems right with the world!!
Renley has learned how to blow bubbles and it is simply the cutest thing ever!!!  She spends hours blowing bubbles!!
Roman is not crawling but he can get where he wants by getting on his hands and knees and then repositioning his body and sitting down then doing it all over again until he gets where he wants.  He also hops on his bottom to get to a different location.
He loves to bang on pots and pans while Renley sings along with him!  They are perfect!!!! (says the momma)

Today as I was feeding the twins I began to think about what being a mom of "advanced maternal age"  was to me.  I can honestly say that I enjoy the part of my life more than I can express in words. Children are one of the major sources of happiness for most women, but they also change life as we knew it before we had them, even if we had older children and are now starting over again.
Young kids are full of energy, demands and needs that require much attention but the "extra" wisdom that we moms have as forty-something moms comes in very helpful when handling these little ones.  I have taken things less seriously and enjoyed each moment more, I have learned what is important and what won't make a difference in ten years, I am more emotionally stable, more patient, and most of all I understand from experience how quickly this era in my life will pass!
I am not saying being a young mom isn't a good thing because I certainly enjoyed my motherhood raising my other children.  I sure know I had more energy!

 Occasionally, I look at these babies and think "surely you will never turn into those preteens that don't like having Momma around or the teens who would rather die than spend a Saturday night with Mom....but then I remember that "yes" they will go through these stages and it will be okay because with these stages also come the random advice seeking teen who out of the blue asks your opinion about a relationship or outfit (equal importance in a teens eyes I believe) or the one who comes in after a late date and can't wait to share what is going in their life with you at one in the morning or the hug you get for no reason at all and ever so often the text that says "Mom I love you so much and I am so glad you are my mom!"  Yes, these moments make everything else disappear.  So, today I am thankful for all the sleepless nights as well as the busy days that leave little time for me to exercise and I am thankful for the fleeting moments that I still have left with my teens and look forward to the adult relationships we will one day have!

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