Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a little bit of today....

I woke up this morning with the fact that I needed to change my perception of reality...well at least my acceptance of what it was yesterday!!

One good big cup of coffee was just what I needed to get this day off to a better start.  It helped that Renley slept ALL night, yes all night, two days in a row now.  I am hoping this continues!!  I really wish I could get the twins on a schedule that was similar.  Just as their personalities are different so are their schedules.  We do manage to get them to bed within the same hour but my little man is a sleeper like his Momma. He comfortably sleeps until nine or ten.  On the other hand, my little princess is a morning person like her daddy!  She wakes up around six-thirty.  She wakes up in a pleasant mood.  We can hear her talking to herself and "singing."  Unless she is crying I make it a rule to wait until seven to get her out of bed.  Renley was already been up and back down for a nap by the time Roman was awake for the day.

I really don't mean to sound like I am complaining.  I have a friend who mentioned that her baby didn't have a bed time and went to sleep sometime between midnight and one AM.  It makes me realize how lucky I am.  It made me start to think about things. I thought about how I got the babies to have a good bed time. I could say it was because I have had so much experience and am a really terrific Momma, but that would be a lie.  My other childern didn't have a good bedtime.  In fact, Abby and I used to stay up till 10:30 to watch one of her favorite shows.  This time we do have a routine that we do every night, but I stole that from my niece.  We feed the babies cereal then bath them and read them a book.  Next, we feed them a bottle and then lay them down for the night. I have come to the conculusion that God never gives us more than we can handle and He just knew that at my age I couldn't hadle babies who didn't sleep.  I would go insane! 

I knew when those sweet little grins that wiggle their body from head to toe greeted me with bright eyes that today was definitely going to be a better day.  Sometimes you just have to allow yourself a moment to linger in your self pity but then decide that it your own attitude that has to change.  Today is a new attitude! 

Have you ever noticed how a baby has such unbridled love for his/her parents.  It's like the smile I mentioned in the above paragraph.  They love with their whole being.  Every inch of them expresses their feeling for you.  Like they have so much love that it is just bursting out ready to be shared. When I pick them up from the crib, they hold on tight like I am the best thing ever!!  I want to remember these moments forever!!  So today has been a better day, despite the dishes that need to be washed, the loads of laundry waiting to be done and the floor that needs to be swept....for my babies are growing up way to fast to let something so trivial steal my joy!
The babies were a little fussy after lunch.  I had very little luck getting them to play with the toys so I pulled out a couple of pans and plastic serving spoons.  They loved it!!!  They were banging and patting away!! It was fun to watch them.  I got a kick out of watching them interact. Renley constatnly wanted to spoon and pan Roman had.  When she was successful in retreveing his away form him he would work his way around to where he could reach the one she had and then it would start all over again.  She AGAIN wanted the ones he was playing with. I think this may be a taste of what the future may be like. 

Today, we filled up the wading pool.  The babies loved it!!  I am sure they think it is an over sized bath tub.  Watching then splash and laugh was priceless. Not sure who loved it more the babies or Jessica!  She enjoys helping me with the babies and I enjoy having her here to help me!!!

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