Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smiley Babies make my day!

It has been one of those weeks where I seem to get nothing done but am constantly busy!  I decided look at the week and think about the positive things that we did instead of thinking about all the things I didn't get done.  So this blog is therapy for me.  I did get everything unpacked, washed AND put away.  I finished KEI's deposits and paid the bills for both businesses and our household.  I kept the dishes done and the floors cleaned.  The twins and I went out to eat with Jessica, Abby and Allie, I read a book to the twins everyday, played with them on the floor, watched Roman learn to go from a lying down position to sitting up and watched as he teetered on his hands and knees....close to crawling, rocked my babies to sleep everyday, cleaned the two main floor bathrooms. went for a walk everyday with the babies, ran two miles three days this week, managed to get dressed before nine everyday this past week and brush my hair and teeth, feed the babies bottles 24 by myself  and 14  times with help from the girls, made three trips to town and one trip to Joplin, watered the plants everyday, attended a wedding,  read my Bible daily and most amazing thing ever....found time to paint my toenails!!  

So, I may not be able to look around and visually notice the things that I accomplished this week but I do now realize that I did complete some tasks and most of all I spent time with my children and babies. Looking at those two smiling faces this morning made me realize what a lucky mom I am and that I should concentrate on the positive and forget the negative because these two babies deserve a happy momma!

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