Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Baby DaYS!

Best baby days!!
I haven't posted in a while because life is just B-U-S-Y!  The past weeks I have witnessded the babies learning to go from a sitting position to laying on the floor to sitting again and learning to pull themselves up to their toy basket or small furniture. Roman is always ahead of Renley in learning to do things.  I think it is because he is so rambunctious!  It is fun to see the difference in their personalities.   I am not certain this is due to their gender or just their personality.

 They have learned to play for an extended period of time on the floor with toys so I have actually been able to get a few things done...but most of all I love sitting on the floor and playing with them! They are so close to crawling.....watch out sisters!!

This morning I was loading laundry into the dryer when I hear Renley cry....you know the cry that tells you something is wrong.  I walk into the living room to see here lying on the floor and Roman has a large plastic toy hitting Renley over and over with it and laughing out loud.   Thinking this may just be a sgin of things to come!!

 I love it when I go to pick them up from their bed and they are sitting up "singing" me a song with those huge smiles and Renley's adorable dimples.  At that moment I know that all the hard work is worth it!

I have to share with you what I feel are the perfect shoes for the babies.  Roman has very large feet for his age.  They aren't just long but are really fat and Renley has very petitie feet; thin and tiny.  I purchased more shoes than I would like to admit to for the babies trying to locate the perfect pair that are comfortable, cute, and stay on.  I found them, finally......Pedipad!!!  They make several styles and the infant ones are sized by months which make it easier to choose a size and hopefully they will last longer.  I have purchased white ones for Renley in size 0-6 months and she has been wearing hers for two months and brown sandals for Roman in size 6-12 months which he wore for two months and I purchased the 12-18 months for him in the sandals and  brown "loafers."  I plan to continue with this brand as they grow older.  The price is right and they Velcro closed so the stay put and are easy to put on, but they aren't so tight that the are uncomfortable. I am not big on making the babies wear shoes at this age but there are just times when I feel it is more appropriate for them to have shoes on such as for church or going to eat at a nicer restaurant.  I posted pictures below.

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