Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roman is crawling....

Yes, my life will NEVER be the same!!! Roman is now on the move!! Happy Birthday to Mommy!! This morning I was standing in the kitchen and Roman and Renley were playing in the living room on the floor about ten feet from me.  I was talking and soon I felt little hand on my leg....looking down I saw the cutest pair of chubby hands holding onto my ankle and the sweetest big brown eyes starring up at me!!  My Roman had made his way across the floor just to tell his Mommy hello and Happy Birthday.  I wasn't certain that he had actually crawled to me because he has found some ingenious was to maneuver his way to places he wants to go but moments later I witnessed him crawl to the DVD player and the blinking blue light of the direct TV box!!  Oh joy!!! two new toys!! NOT!!! So, I am thrilled that he has learned to crawl but I am also terrified as to the changes this will bring to my world.  No longer will he be safe playing on the floor and no longer will sister's  computer or books be safe in the living room.  Roman is mobile and loving it..... so WATCH OUT WORLD here he comes!!

I love hearing their little noises.....Renley's little MOMOMOMOMA ...well of course she is saying Momma.....not just some random noises I am sure!!

Watch me Renley....I will show you how to crawl...

Crawling is hard work......I need a rest and I time to suck my thumb!

Renley is trying to figure out how to crawl!
And then Roman and his little buzzing lip noises he makes!!  What a cute pair of twins they make!! I am so blessed!

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  1. I totally love thumb sucking babies!! Camcorde every moment I was watching old home movies of the boys when they learned to crawl and walk and shed a few happy tears! I miss my babies but love to watch all the memories I have captured!