Sunday, July 22, 2012


July 3rd I celebrated my 46th birthday!  I have so many things to celebrate!  As I look back over this past year I realize how wonderful life has been.  Larry and I were blessed with twins that were born healthy and spent no time in NICU, which is a miracle given my previous pregnancies and the preterm labor and hospital stay with these two.  I have an amazing family that makes me smile everyday.
My wonderful Momma came over the morning of my birthday and made me a yummy blackberry cobbler from blackberries we purchased at the farmers market.  I spent the evening doing exactly what I wanted....enjoying good food with wonderful kids and I enjoyed watching them play with the babies and then we spent time talking and laughing and finished off with a movie!
It is true what they just keeps getting better and better and the moments sweeter!
I can't wait to see what a wonderful year this next one will be!!
Last week Jessi, Ashton, Abby, Wade, Renley, Roman and I traveled to Kansas City to clean Wade's apartment.  It was extremely hot, but we still managed to walk to the Plaza and enjoy a little shopping and ate a yummy lunch at P.F.Chang's.  I love their lettuce wraps!

July has been a busy month.  Roman is getting around very well and loves to "chase" his large ball around the house!  Renley just started crawling this morning and going from laying down to sitting up on her own!!  It is fun to witness these milestones in their lives!
Having twins has been difficult at times.  It has forced me to do things I thought I would never do such as lay one of the babies down with a bottle propped up by a pillow while  I care for the other one, no worries...I am in the same room at all times! I also let them wear only a diaper way more than I ever thought imaginable....less laundry!   I let them cry far longer than I would any of my other babies while I fix a bottle or change the other twins diaper.  Sometimes it is just a necessity! I also don't get to spend as much time with them as I would much to do and so little time to do it!! I hope they grow to be well adjusted children and adults who have empathy for others but believe in themselves without coming off as self centered and later become adults who know that their Mom and Dad believe in them and will always be there for them!!

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  1. :) Glad you had a good birthday! Those blackberries sure do sound amazing right now!