Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life according to my IPHONE........

Roman is ready to get in the pool!

I love my Daddy! I always have a smile for him!

Roman loves his Grandma Patsy!

Enjoying Kansas City!

"Come on Renley, play with me!"

Ashton and Renley

We love to help Mommy shop at Wal Mart!

Enjoying a day at  Silver Dollar City!

We love to play with the kitchen utensils more than our toys!  They make such neat noises when we throw them around the kitchen!
I am so excited I can crawl!!!

My Jessi!!! says Roman

Bath time for Roman

OHHH!!! This water feels so good!!

I want to crawl!!

Bubbles! Bubbles!! Bubbles!

I love the porch so relaxing!

I am so bored!

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