Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twins at 23 months old

Okay....so I took a little hiatus....or maybe it was a big hiatus.....was very busy taking care of to cutie pies!
The past year has been a whirlwind of fun!!  Raising twins really is a grand adventure.  I decided to get back to this blog because as the second birthday of Roman and Renley quickly approaches I am reminded all to quickly of how fast the time has gone by and more importantly how much we think we will remember but don't.  So, having said that, I am going to attempt to blog again more for keeping track of this adventure and our daily activities so that one day those little munchkins that bring joy to each and every day of my life with just a smile will have something to help them know about their growing up years.
To bring things up to pace:
Renley is very talkative and can say just about anything you ask her to repeat.  What is more amazing is her ability to carry on somewhat of a conversation as well as tell you what she wants to do or ask you a question.  Her favorite phrase at the moment:  "It's disgusting!"  (used for anything she doesn't like from mud to food), she also will tell me "It's messy" when there is a mess with food, toys or her hands are dirty.  Another thing she like to say is "Can I touch it?" when she wants to touch something that she is not sure she should such as the pumpkins on the table or my coffee cup.  Every day she asks to "Go outside?" I am not sure what we will do when the weather is too cold!  Alas- she also tellls me "Need my pacy (pacifier) now!"  We are working on getting rid of it and at this moment we have told her that she is big girl.  I showed her picture of baby Renley and showed her pictures of herself now and explained to her that she is a big girl and that big girls only get their pacys at night an at nap time.  She is pretty good with this explanation once we get the pacifier from her in the morning.  That is our real challenge.  But as we all know toddlers are strong willed so I just wait till I can distract her so her mind will be on something else before taking it.
Renley loves to draw and paint and will spend at least fifteen minutes at a time engaged in that activity.  She loves her baby and will rock her  and feed her a "bottle" and put her to bed.
Reading books is also a favorite past time.  Her favorite is Baby's first picture book, Silly Sally, and The Little Blue Truck.
Roman is talking but not nearly as much.  His favorite words are "oh NO!" used for when something has happened that is not good..such as dropping something he shouldn't or when something has scared him.  He also can ask for milk, and can name tractor, motorcycle, truck, airplane....basically anything with wheels or a motor.  Funny how boys really tune into that stuff. 
Roman loves to roll trucks around the house and chase his sister.  He will put his hands up to his chin and wiggle his fingers like he is going to tickle her.  She runs of giggling and her runs after her.  It has to be the cutest thing ever!!
He has very little interest in drawing and probably has spent no more than 2 seconds engaged in this activity. 
He does, however, love to read.  His favorite books are Baby's first picture Book, Red Truck and The Curious George.
Bedtime has changed to 7:30 and they wake up around 6:45 to 7:00.  Nap time has changed to 12:30 and they sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
I have to say they are the sweetest little people ever!!
I look forward to sharing more adventures and documenting their life so that one day I can share this with them!

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