Monday, October 14, 2013

My Punkins" love the Pumpkins
Pumpkins, hay ride of sorts, climbing on hay bales,  apple pie, colorful leaves, and cool autumn breezes! These all the things that the babies have experienced this past week.

 It has been so exciting to watch the twins experience fall this year.  They are old enough to be able to really enjoy the things that make fall so exciting.  They loved the "hayride" at the pumpkin patch and were mesmerized by all the pumpkins in the field.  Although Roman enjoyed running in the mud more than the picking the pumpkins. Renley had to pick the perfect pumpkin.  One that was just the right size so that she could carry "myself."  She would find one and the another but finally found one!  And we were blessed with the words "Mine"  at that point!  Watching Larry interact with the twins and run with Roman through the hay maze as well as the corn maze was one of the best things about our day.  He is such a good Daddy!! 

We have spent a lot of time outside the past week or so because all too soon the weather will be to cool to allow much time outside.  We try to spend at least an hour outside in the morning and an hour or two in the afternoon after nap time.  Renley will ask to go "outside"  from the moment she gets up until we are finally ready to head out.  The trampoline has been a big hit and they love chasing each other in it!  I am just glad the make the net sides on them now.  I can't imagine how my older kids survived without it! 

Taking the twins places has definitely gotten easier.  We actually ate out yesterday after lunch Larry and I were able to eat and enjoy our meal while the twins ate their food.  Going grocery shopping is definitely easier as well.  They like to help me load items in the cart and I am working on counting the items as we put them in or talking about the food or colors. Anything to keep them interested in what we are doing.  A shopping trip still has to be a limited thirty minute inside the store trip so any major shopping is done minus the twins. 

Three out of four days last week they decided they didn't need to sleep but would rather run around their beds talking to each other and throwing every item out of their bed into the other twins and back again.  It was so cute for the first fifteen minutes.  They were yawning and ready to go to bed when I put them in their crib.   I even resorted to moving their cribs and putting up a visual barrier so that they couldn't entertain each other.  WORKED!!  They finally fell asleep.  I am bound and determined they will take a nap everyday for at least the next year even if that means I have to wake them earlier in the morning.  This mommy needs a little time to clean and get a few things done like take a shower!! Plus, I really want them to be in a good mood in the evening when the rest of the family is home and if they don't get their nap then they are very cranky!   Today is a good nap day!! I put them down at 12:15 and by 12:25 they were asleep. 


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