Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WInter Months

What a day it has been!  You know those days where you look back and are just thankful they are over.  Yep!  That was today.  Not that it was disastrous but more like it was just plain and simple a rough day!
It began with a play date we had to cancel due to Renley having a fever and being a little cranky. Then one of the girls left their back pack at home and another needed me to get her some paperwork left home to school.  So I dressed two babies and preceded to put them in the car only to find that the car seats had been removed after church and no one put them back.  I put the twins in the back seat and preceded to strap the seats in, which by the way is not the easiest thing to do for those of you who have not installed a car seat in some time.  It takes using both hands a knee and you teeth to get the straps through without it tightening.  All the while the twins are climbing over the seat and me and at the same time  taking everything out of the diaper bag while I a preoccupied and hands full installing the seats.  Once the seats were done we headed to town.
One thing that makes running errands difficult is getting the twins in and out of the seats. That seems to be one of the hardest things about having twins is getting them in and out of public places.  They are too small to really allow them to walk in by themselves and too big for me to carry both of them at the same time.  So that leaves me to try to hold their hands and coerce them into following my directions.  Renley is very compliant for the most part and follows directions consistently but Roman hasn't quite mastered the task of listening to Mom and following directions.  He seems to have good intentions but gets side tracked a few minutes into the task.  He will spot something he wants to check out such as the wheels on the nearby truck and then I am stuck trying to keep hold of Renley's hand while she is determined to follow the original directions of going into the store.  ALl in all it is pretty eventful trip which I choose to do as infrequently as possible.  Fortunately  Jessi was in town this time so she joined us so that I didn't have to take the twins into the school to drop off the needed items or to the grocery store to get the ten items on my list. 
We are really tired of winter in this house!  I am sure everyone else is, also.  One can only watch so much Little Bear and Bubble Guppies.  Coming up with new activities that keep both of these two entertained is proving difficult.  They both have such different personalities. Renley loves to draw and play with any type of manipulative or activity that involves fine motor skills.  Roman on the other hand is so interested in his Choo-choo that he rarely plays with anything else.  The ironic thing is that he doesn't really play with it in the way one would thing but he moves it around the house and fills the cars with animals and then comes and gets anyone who will take his hand so that he can show you his train.  He will do this as many times a day as he can. 
We spend a lot of time playing in the bath tub or sink.  They love water and it is the one activity that engages both of them.  We also read a lot.  But like everyone else I am so anxious to spend some time outside.
Last week we attended our first MOPS group. It was a success.  I was worried the twins wouldn't do well.  This was the first time they have ever spent anytime with children their age and the first time they weren't at home, grandma's house, or the church nursery.  I have to say I was impressed.  They didn't cry when I left them which was bitter sweet because I was certain they would "need" me.  When I picked them up was able to witness them playing with others and it made this Momma's heart puff up with pride. Needless to say I am anxious to for our next meeting. 
Off to take care of some pretty awesome little people in my life!  Hope winter ends soon!

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