Friday, December 7, 2012

Where did this year go??

I haven't written much in a long time.  It seems life has been extremely busy around here but I decided that all the things I thin I won't forget will be forgotten if I don't record them and this blog is just that-a way to document and share the events of life that I hope to remember forever but know that as life happens they will be pushed to the back of my mind.

Last blog I recorded was Roman crawling and now he is a master at not only walking but climbing as well!!  Renly hasn't really shown a lot of interest in the walking yet but give her time and I am sure she will be chasing her brother around the house on those two cute little feet of hers. 

These two spend the majority of their day climbing on anything that is over three inches high.  Since it is Christmas and I ordered ninety percent of my gifts on line, we have a lot of boxes of various shapes and sizes and they have provided the twins with a much enjoyed indoor playground.  They laugh, they clap, they turn around to see if anyone noticed how successful they were at climbing that last "hill" and they throughly enjoy the boxes.  A few nights ago I was in the bathroom getting ready to give the twins a bath and Roman stepped up onto the scale.  He looked at me and started clapping, like he had just accomplished somethin so amazing.  I have to say these two littles hold me in awe of life itself.  Just every little milestone and every things we do I try to think about how they are seeing things for the first time. 

They love to read, Renly much more than Roman.  Renley will sit and listen to you read book after book while Roman has patience for one possibly two books before he is off to discover some hidden toy.  Renley loves to just sit and look at books, also.  Her favorite is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."  If you start reciting the book, yes, I do have it memorized, she will go to the book case and get the book for you. 

Our days are filled with fun and laughter as well as a few tears but this is what life is about-family!!

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  1. I noticed the hiatus! Glad you're back!! :) Those two are just about the cutest little things!!