Friday, August 3, 2012

School shopping ......

Roman looking out the window at Target
Emma and Abby waiting for food. 

Mom and Jessi entertaining Renley and Roman at the mall.
Orange Leaf!!!


School shopping with twins proved ..well.. entertaining!!! 
My mom joined us as the "Nanny" for our school shopping adventure!  Jessi, Ashton, Abby, Emma, Mom, Roman, Renley and I set off Wednesday for a school shopping experience!!  (Madison and Moriah will be another adventurous day since they weren't able to go on Wednesday).
I typically give the each child a certian amount of money and they are allowed to purchase items they need/want for school.  I have to say I am very proud of all the girls.  They are so good at knowing what they want and really looking for bargains and finding just the right things so that they have some really cute outfits as well as the things they will need.  Their purchases always include at least one pair of jeans and a pair of shoes as well as a couple of cute tops.  Two of the girls found some really cute dresses which will look adorable!  I love to see the items they choose.  While each daughter has good taste, they also have their own unique style!  I often look at something and know immedialtey which daughter will choose that item!  It is so fun having such diverse personailites in our home!
We began our shopping at Target and found some really cute items... for the older kids as well as for the twins.  Target is one of my favorite places to buy the twins items.  They have some really trendy items that can be mixed with other things to make for cute outfits.
We decided to have lunch at Olive Garden before we ambushed the mall.  GOOD CHOICE GIRLS!!! We had a fantastic meal and emjoyed some Shirley Temples as well!  The babies loved the minestrone soup! 
After lunch we were off to the mall for some fun shopping and stroller ride for the twins!  I am so thankful my mom was with us because after spending an hour in Forever 21 I was worn out!! Roman and Renley liked riding in the stroller but shopping just doesn't provide enough movement for them and they continually wanted to be roaming on all fours around the stores which I wouldn't let them do!!! So the stoller ended up being used to haul all the purchase and we carried the twins!!
We ended the day with a trip to Orange Leaf!!  I love ther wedding cake frozen yogurt....and so do the twins!!!
It was a great day full of laughter and great memories with the girls, twins and my mom!! I love this family so much!!!

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