Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventurous days.......

NEW TOOTH AT OUR HOUSE!! maybe that isn't big news to many people but it is so funny how it is the small things as a mom that sure put a smile on your face! 
Roman and Renly also love to give full on open mouth kisses!  Might seem yucky to many people but to this Momma it is the sweetest way to start my day!
When you tell Renley "No, No, No,!" She will shake her head no as if she is trying to convince herself that it really is a no,no.
Roman is pulling up to everything and since Renley started crawling this past week she has really made progress as well.  Roman can stand on his own for a few seconds and seems fearless. 
Renley crawled up on the shelf of the sofa table and plopped her little butt down as if she had done something miraculous.
Roman loves music.  When the TV is on and music begins to play he will stop what he is doing and "dance" (bounce) to the beat.  He is so darn cute!!
The twins are starting to interact with each other which has to be one of the cutest things I have witnessed.  Today Renley fell and hit her head while trying to pull up on one of the kitchen chairs and was crying.  I scooped her up and started rocking her in the chair and Roman crawled as fast as he could to the chair and looked at Renley and started patting her leg then he attempted to crawl into the chair (I helped him up) and he leaned over and tried kissing her.  They also like to "talk" to each other and will take turn making random noises at one another.
My house looks like a prison in lock down....gates over every door that leads out of th living/kitchen area, locks on the toilets, and safety latches on the cabintes.  With these two I think its much needed!!

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